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The Hot Shoe Diaries 3/28/09

My devotion to photography, cameras, lenses and everything else photography-related has been running rampant lately. Whenever I run out of posts to read at Dyxum, I browse through Flickriver and when I’m done, I run back to Dyxum. So, in between scouring photography-related blog posts and news articles at dpreview and Strobist, I noticed Joe McNally’s new book, The Hot Shoe Diaries, was for sale. Being familiar with Joe’s writing already from his blog, I knew the book would be a worthwhile investment, and possibly a tool to rip me away from the computer for a few hours.

So I ordered the book and it arrived Wednesday, and unfortunately, it’s as good as I had hoped. I say unfortunately because I’ve had it for 3 days and I’m already half way through. I’d be further along, but I make sure to deliberately put it down so I won’t get through it too fast. Its full of fun tips and tricks and Joe’s singular wit. Hopefully I can keep his advice in my head so I’ll be prepared for my next shoot, but if not, I guess I’ll just have to read it over again.

I haven’t yet delved too deeply into acquiring a photography library yet, so if anyone else can recommend any other good books, please let me know in the comments.