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A UI critique of PurePhoto 6/14/11

A new photo-sharing website has come onto the scene recently. PurePhoto exists in response to the growing perception of existing photo-sharing website Flickr is being filled with snapshots and family vacation photos. PurePhoto wants to focus more on professional photography and on networking photographers directly with collectors. Given my continuing interest in good photography, I decided to sign up and see what PurePhoto is all about.

After signing up, the first things I noticed were some UI problems that were getting in the way of me enjoying the site to the fullest. Right now, there are some fantastic photographers on the site, and I wanted to explore their content as well as share my own, but these little annoyances were detracting from my enjoyment.

PurePhoto certainly doesn’t have the large development team or years of experience that Flickr has, especially now that Flickr is operated by Yahoo!, but some of these UI problems are pretty basic and I wanted to address them here. Just to clarify, I think the PurePhoto team has done great job so far, the following are just suggestions on how to improve the experience of vistors and users of the site.