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Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award

Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award

The Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award is given to student athletes who stick with the same school for a full 4 years of college and excel in the classroom and the community, as well as on the field.

The website is the hub for which all of the candidate submission and voting activity takes place. An efficient workflow was required to manage the nomination process as well as online and text voting. The back-end was developed in ExpressionEngine. College sports directors can submit their candidate online where it was approved by the Award staff. Once that sport is open for voting, coaches and members of the media as well as members of the general public can vote once-a-day for three of their favorite candidates. The text-messaging vote tally could also be added to the main vote count at the end of the day.

The design that Lowe’s requested was loosely-based upon previous print advertisements in USA Today. A strong visual language was developed which included elements required by Lowe’s, including their motto and a large picture of the trophy.

Other features of the site include exclusive columns written by noted sports writers and downloadable reports of vote tallies. The site will also generate a PDF on the fly of selected athletes and their stats.